Get Rid Of Man Boobs: Ways To Hide Your Man Boobs



For men having problems with gynecomastia or man-boobs, the situation can be downright embarrassing and can easily decrease self-esteem. Though men try to find ways to get rid of this problem, they are still met with difficulties as treatments can be expensive or will not give them immediate results. So the next best thing would be to know how men can hide their man-boobs while working to get rid of their boob-issues with treatments and exercises.


Hiding Your Man-Boobs


Sports bras are used by women to hide their breast while keeping busy with their activities. Men with gynecomastia may wear sports bras to flatten their chest and keep their man-boobs in place. Though coming to a store to look for a woman’s sports bra can be an embarrassing experience, you will have to do it and soon you will realize that indeed your chest looks greats without anybody noticing what you are wearing under your shirt.


Wearing certain colors and patterns will also help you make your chest look smaller. Colors such as black, browns and dark blue can make you looks slimmer and help in hiding your man boobs. Patterns can also be helpful as they will draw attention away from your man-boobs, so try to stay away from stripes and shirts with breast pockets and opt for any other patterns and prints.


It is also essential to know how fabrics can help you out with hiding your man boobs. Thick fabrics are much better than thin fabrics when it comes to hiding nipples, and the best fabric would be those made from cotton. If you are not comfortable wearing shirts with thick fabrics, your option would be to layer thin t-shirts and learn techniques on how to pair up your thinner shirts. For instance, you may try wearing open a button-up shirt with another shirt underneath as it will hide your man boobs in a flattering way.  These techniques can work well, but there are also ways to lose chest fat on men.


Another way to hide man-boobs is to ensure that your clothes are of the right fit. Tight fitting clothes will not help in covering up your chest. Instead, try something loose for best results.


For extreme cases of gynecomastia, there are also compression garments that you can use. These things works like women’s sports bra but are generally tighter. These garments will keep everything in place and make your chest appear flatter. However, before you go for something these extreme, you may first try wearing a tight tank top under your clothes and check if you really need to spend money on compression garments. In some cases, tight tanks tops can work similar to these compression garments and they are much cheaper too.


While continuously laboring and working on getting rid of you man boobs, keeping your clothes choices into these categories will help you hide your man boobs for the moment. These will help you look and feel better as well as get your confidence back. So keep on doing your chest exercises and burn fat to lose those excess fats that are causing your man boobs. You will soon be more confident to wear normal clothes without trying to hide something.