What Treatment Options Are There For Gynecomastia?


For teenage boys or grown men having gynecomastia, it is not uncommon for them to look for the best treatment options there are for such a condition. This medical condition is embarrassing and sometimes painful too. This also tends to look weird and unattractive on males.



Gynecomastia or Man-Boobs


To properly understand where and which treatment to seek out, it is important to know what gynecomastia really is. This is actually a medical condition commonly affecting teenage boys going through puberty, but it may also affect elderly men as they start experiencing hormonal imbalances in their advanced age.


Men or boys with gynecomastia will experience swelling of the chest area and appear as if they have breasts. This condition is also commonly called as ‘man boobs’ or ‘puffy nipples’.  An area of about one and half inch wide under a man’s nipple swells and becomes tender, and in rare cases, the nipple excretes milk as well.  Because of this, men do whatever they can to get rid of man boobs.


Treatment Options for Gynecomastia


There is really no commonly used treatment for this condition as it tends to disappear on its own. In about 90 percent of the cases in teenage boys for instance, gynecomastia disappeared on its own within one to two years without the patient undergoing any special treatments or medications.


However, there are a lot men and boys who don’t want to wait that long for the problem to disappear. Instead, they opt for solutions to deal with their condition quickly. In such cases, the most common treatment gynecomastia is to have plastic surgery. This way, the surgeon will simply perform a procedure involving the removal of extra fat and glands between the muscles and the nipples on the man’s chest.


In other cases, treatments may be recommended for gynecomastia especially if the condition is caused by other factors such as alcohol, street drugs, or some prescription drugs.


For gynecomastia caused by alcohol or other illegal drugs like marijuana, the best way to treat the condition is to stop taking alcohol or drugs. And if the condition is caused by prescribed medications, the best way to get rid of it would be for your doctor to take you off the drugs causing the problem or changing to a different type of drug that doesn’t have any side effects.


For the type of gynecomastia, which is much more common in men past puberty but not yet elderly, a man may experience false gynecomastia which produces man boobs or puffy nipples yet does not become tender or produces any milk.


A false gynecomastia is usually caused by weight gain in men and the body seeks additional fat storage and one place to keep extra fat is the chest area. This condition is best treated through weight loss, but not simple weight loss as you can lose weight in forms of water loss and not burn any fat. To treat false gynecomastia, what is needed is to loss body fat and to continue burning fat from your body so that it will be viable for the treatment of actual gynecomastia problems.